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A good toy is not an disposable article.

Vision and touching - optics and haptics- shape the child’s mind.

Our philosophy

Our production is founded on three principles


Our production

Some scenes of the development process...

6 Product lines

In the course of the years, six product lines of sought after articles evolved. These products can be completed with further equipment-details and variations. You can find some variations in our online shop.

doll house


A dollhouse offers the possibility of reenacting the many facets of everyday family life in role plays. We introduce four models with equipment options to you.

Doll furniture

Doll's furniture

For a fanciful play, the doll’s mom needs doll’s beds, doll’s wardrobes and doll’s seating furniture. We offer a wide selection of variations and different wood types.



The co-existence of humans and animals on a farm is an important topic for many children. Norbert Verneuer developed a farm building with matching accessories which can be played with all-around.

Children's Kitchen


We produce an extensive series of playkitchens in different sizes and wood types.

Play Farm

Play Frame

To find Norbert Verneuers newly modified play frame with several possibilities of variation please click here.


Active and motoric toys

Norbert Verneuer designed baby walker carts which support the important development phase of learning how to walk and ensure safety in that phase. They are presented along with further toys which support the motoric development of children.

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